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It is difficult for residential mortgage loans to drop sharply in the short term, and consumer spending may further slow down, thus real estate squeezes the real economy The effect will be amplified.However, the impact of the epidemic on the economy is temporary and not sustainable, and countercyclical policies are good for the capital market, so the spring offensive will be delayed but will not be absent.Sugar purchase and storage price.On the same day, the net purchase transaction volume of Land Stock Connect was 21.430 billion yuan, and the cumulative net inflow for the month was 58 billion yuan.

From November to last Friday, the total inflow of land stocks was 21 billion yuan.

The main force of the long position is dominant; the IH contract highlights SDIC Essence Futures increased 309 lots; the highlight of IC was the short-term divergence.Generally speaking, after the impact of delivery weakened, the last cycle refers to a significant increase in positions, but at the same time, the main positions of various varieties showed a mixed trend.